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What is Tinkuy about

We have three types of memberships: BASIS-membership for 200 waterdrops (kr 216) per month gives free access to our events in the weekdays and also a 50% discount on everything happening in the weekends (which includes friday evening). The COMPLETE-membership for 400 waterdrops (kr 432) per month gives in addition to this also access to treatment-rooms, a therapist-profile on tinkuy.dk and access to free spots in the weekends. The SUPPORT membership for 100 waterdrops (kr 108/mnth) gives 50% discount on all weekend activities (including friday evening). See front page of tinkuy.dk for signing up (tinkuy.dk is the main website)


We are in the middle of a transition to using the software platform here on New Circle Movement, which gives a lot of interesting synergy effect with all the other projects (epicenters). As the platform is still developing there might be a few 'hiccups' here and there - thank you for your patience in this regard! .. activities, booking of treatment rooms continues as usual on tinkuy.dk


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