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We are implementing resource economy

The project is about founding a community place which is at the same time a “school” of knowledge sharing, a place for therapy and healing, and a living community, heart based. The place would enhance a pure “resource based economy”: none of the teachings, nor of the therapies, would have to be sold. Any shared resource is honored and welcome to help the flow of abundance to manifest in that place (f. ex. a human resource, a physical resource, a money resource, or whatever the person is willing to share with Out Of The Matrix), though the therapies and teaching are openly given without condition to whoever needs them (within physical limits). The place so is supported by the fund raising and the resource based economy combined. People living there are people who love to give healing or teachings (or maybe something else) for the sake of making their skills available to those needing them. Some could be permanent, “the keepers”, others could be travelling teachers/healers/helpers. Contacts: gaiabigatti@gmail.com


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