Breathing art mandala

Breathing Art Mandala

Community of co-creational artistic expedition to support TreeSisters organization


The purpose of Breathing Art Mandala Community is to enable the realizing, supporting and maintaining of the art work called Breathing Art Mandala. The functions of the community are non-profit. The community receives support from New Circle Movement and uses that for the functions of Breathing Art Mandala, planting the trees through TreeSisters and covering the costs of the art work. The main activity of the community is to maintain Breathing Art Mandala. Breathing Art Mandala is an on-going art work, which consists internationally of participation of different artists with their artworks. In the Mandala the works of the artists are presented in internet and there are also interviews with the artists. For every artist we plant minimum 108 trees in tropical areas through TreeSisters organization. Breathing Art Mandala is inspired by climate change, empowering the feminine principle and being empowered by feminine principle and the eastern traditions where mandala is a mean for spiritual practice.



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